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How can i change my DLI number?

If you are an international student studying in Canada, you are allowed to change your institution, study program, and as well as the level of study, which will also change the DLI number on your study permit. When you apply for a change, you will need to inform the IRCC in order to get a new study permit.

How To Change Your Post-Secondary School On CIC Account Online?

When you apply for a change of your post-secondary school, you must notify IRCC about the update. In order to start the process you will need the followings:

  • An Active Online Account

International students who have previously applied for a study permit on a paper-based application are required to generate an account in order to link their application.

  • Study Permit Number

You can locate your study permit number at the top right of the document, which starts with the letter “S”.

  • The New DLI Number (Designated Learning Institution) Of School You Are Changin To

In order to see the list of DLI’s please refer to this link.

  • Student Identification Number – Your New Student ID

Your SIN number can be found in the letter of acceptance sent you by your new school.

  • Your Date Of Start At New Educational Institution

In order to change DLI, you can either use a representative or do it on your own.

Changing Your School

In order to have your school changed follow the steps below:

  1. Create an online account and sign in

  2. Click on the button called “Transfer from DLI number“, which you can locate under Designated Learning Institution Student Transfer tab:

    3.Click on the “Search for my application” button after entering your study permit application number, as               shown below:

    4. Provide more information, if needed, about your original application for a study permit. It will allow IRCC to recognize your submission:















   5.  Fill in the fields by typing your new DLI number, and as well as other required information. After you                      provide all the necessary data, click on the “Submit transfer” button:









  6. Take a look at your transfer information. Click Confirm Transfer to verify if all the details are accurate:

   7. Check the notification to see whether your submission is complete. It means you have informed IRCC that you have changed your post-secondary schools. To go back to your account, press on “Click on to go main account page”, which you can later sign out:

   What Are The Requirements Before You Can Change Your School Or Program?


You need to meet all criteria shown on your study permit, which means the following:

  • The student is actively studying in Canada while being enrolled at a Designated Language Institution

In addition, you will also need to notify IRCC regarding any changes to conditions on your study permit.

  What Is a Designated Learning Institution?

A Designated Learning Institution is an educational institution for hosting foreign students, authorized by a provincial or territorial government of Canada. As a foreign student, you’ll need a letter of acceptance from a designated learning institution to apply for a study permit.

When the institution you are studying at drops its official status as a DLI after you obtain your study permit, you can do the following:

  • you can continue to study on your program until the validity date of your current study permit expires

  • if you enroll in a new designated learning institution, you can then renew your study permit.

Reach out to us if you have any queries with Canadian immigration processes. Our experts would be happy to assist you. 

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